Friends of the Texas Campaign

By making a monthly contribution that is personally significant, you can help Texas youth build a better future for themselves and help make Texas a healthier place to grow up. Whether it’s a monthly recurring $5 or $1,000, the Texas Campaign is proud to call you a partner in this critical work.


Friends of the Texas Campaign
Founding Members
☆ Fayruz Benyousef ☆
☆ Thomas and Carmel Borders ☆
☆ Jennifer Glass ☆
☆ Jessica Palvino ☆
☆ Lisa Platner ☆


  • For $250/month, provide education and technical services to a network of youth-serving professionals and organizations in all parts of the State.
  • For $100/month, connect young people with teen-friendly healthcare and healthcare providers with system-change approaches so that more adolescents are able to access the care they need.
  • For $75/month, engage policymakers and community leaders about effective policy change.
  • For $50/month, support accurate and evidence-based research and current data to a diverse stakeholder group.
  • For $25/month, provide outreach messages and action alerts to raise issue awareness in Texas.

Why give monthly? It’s easy. It’s satisfying. It keeps you involved every step of the way. Monthly giving provides a budget friendly way to support the Texas Campaign and ensures stable revenue for mission-critical programs – Sign up now! As a monthly donor, you’ll receive the following:

  • Exclusive welcome gift ($100 level and higher)
  • Quarterly update from our CEO
  • Website recognition
  • Invitation to bi-annually ‘member only’ Coffee with the Campaign event
  • The ability to increase, decrease or cancel your donation at any time
  • The knowledge that your monthly gift helps provide sustaining support for the Texas Campaign
  • An annual tax statement
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