The research underpinning the report, Just Say Don’t kNOw: Sexuality Education in Texas Public Schools, was the spark that ignited the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (Texas Campaign). Among the findings that made the report so disturbing were that more than 96 percent of Texas students “attend school in a district where they will not encounter even the most basic information about how to protect themselves from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).” Distressed by this statistic, one of the report’s co-authors, Dr. David Wiley, hosted the first “all-comers” meeting for those working in the field of teen pregnancy prevention in the fall of 2008. The overwhelming turnout and enthusiasm was the birth of the Texas Campaign.


For the first five years of its existence, the Texas Campaign was an almost exclusively volunteer-run organization led by a group of high-level dedicated professionals. In 2014, drawing on the high degree of identified need and success of the organization, the Texas Campaign hired 2 professional full-time staff and developed an ambitious agenda to identify and proliferate proven approaches to teen pregnancy reduction throughout the State. Since then, the Texas Campaign has grown to a staff of 5 full-time employees and 4 consultants to support our programs and operations.

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