Progress around teen pregnancy comes down to local application and the  the Texas Roadmap focuses on building statewide resources to assist communities across Texas in developing strategic plans to address teen pregnancy prevention. Serving as the convener of information, best practices, technical skills and resources, the Texas Roadmap focuses on creating the deliverables and laying the pathways to get the needed information and resources in the hands of those across Texas who are actively seeking it.

Moving Texas Forward

Since 2009, the Texas Campaign has worked with local communities to develop their capacity to strategically approach teen pregnancy prevention. The Texas Roadmap will escalate this work and amplify our reach by developing the supports and structures needed to “meet communities where they are,” and at whatever entry point they have chosen for their teen pregnancy prevention efforts and thus assist communities move step-by-step toward full implementation and monitoring of a strategic plan for success.


Once fully implemented, the Texas Roadmap will include:

  • A network of formal regional coalitions across Texas – Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition Hubs
  • The Texas Campaign will convene, connect, and support hubs through network, events, capacity building and evaluation services.
  • A statewide leader’s circle from various involved regions
  • An interactive website with a library of “bite-sized” resources to support local groups – info graphics, videos, webinar series
  • A stand-alone Texas Roadmap interactive website which overlays vital resources over a map of Texas including – Data (teen birth and pregnancy rates) as well as services and support such as youth service providers and publicly funded health clinic (highlighting those that can offer confidential services),
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