2015 Symposium – Presentation Materials

Keynote Presentation

*Latino Communities in Texas as Critical Partners
Presenter: Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, New York University; Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health

Keynote Presentation

*Evaluation: Your Friend or Nemisis?
Presenter: Susan Philliber, Philliber Research Associates

Keynote Presentation

*National and Texas Policy Context: Opportunities and Challenges
Presenter: Andrea Kane, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Breakout 2A: The Role of Collaborations in Teen Pregnancy Prevention

*Youth Pregnancy Prevention Efforts in Travis County: A Collaborative Needs Assessment
Presenter: Jeni Brazeal, Healthy Youth Partnerships

*Healthy Youth Partnership: A Model of Collaboration
Presenters: Ellie Haggerty, St. David’s Foundation and Jackie Platt, Lifeworks Austin

*A Tale of Two Cities
Presenters: Ashley Weaver, Waco Foundation; Terry Greenberg, North Texas Alliance

Breakout 2B: Adolescent Healthcare: Policy, Pathways, and Progress

*Medical and Clinical Services for Youth – From Start-Up to Partnerships
Presenters: Peggy Smith and Ruth Buzi, Baylor College of Medicine

Breakout 3A: Cross-Sector Partnerships in Action: Different approaches, common goals

*The Two Should Know Initiative
Presenters: David Wiley, Texas State University; Kelly Wilson, Texas A&M University

*Partnering to Promote the Relational Health and Well-Being of Pregnant and Parenting Teens
Presenter: Michelle Toews, Texas State University

Breakout 3D: Fresh Perspectives:  Research in Action

*Are We There Yet? Community Collaboration for Outcomes Evaluation
Presenters: Rachel Branaman and Irene Reyes, Alley’s House

*Evaluation of the Evidence-Based Program Making Proud Choices!
Presenter: Cynthia Osborne, LBJ School

Breakout 4A: Panel Discussion – Schools and Sexuality Education – Choosing the Right Program

*iCHAMPSS Rolled-Out Model
Presenters: Melissa F. Peskin and Belinda F. Hernandez, UT School of Public Health

Breakout 4C: Teen Pregnancy and Intimate Partner Violence

*Teen Pregnancy and Intimate Partner Violence
Presenters: Ruth Buzi, Baylor College of Medicine and Peggy Smith, Baylor College of Medicine

Breakout 5A: The Medicaid 1115 Waiver and Teen Pregnancy Prevention – The San Antonio Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaborative – Panel Discussion

*Medicaid 1115 – Teen Fact Sheet
*San Antonio Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaborative Fact Sheet
Presenters: Mario Martinez, SAMHD; Reynae Herrera, Edgewood ISD; Bethany Evans, Healthy Futures of Texas; Kristen Plastino, UT Health Science Center; Natalie Lopez, Children’s Shelter of San Antonio; Diana Gonzales, University Health System

Breakout 5C: New Ways Forward: Innovative Community Approaches

*Parent Community Engagement
Presenter: Mandy Golman, Texas Women’s University

*Supporting Youth as Educators: Peer-to-Peer Health Education
Presenters: Tim Eubanks, Rosamaria Murillo, Alda Santana, Austin/Travis County HHS



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