The Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, a statewide 501c3 nonpartisan nonprofit organization, aims to reduce teen pregnancy through research, advocacy, collaboration and training.

Our vision is that every Texas teen has access to the information and resources needed to prevent unintended pregnancy. To build this reality, teens need access to age-appropriate, medically-accurate, inclusive sexual health education – plus the ability to enact their decisions by accessing contraception. 

We address systemic reasons that teens lack access to these resources and support direct service providers, focusing on nonpartisan advocacy and building capacity of adult stakeholders to empower young Texans. 

The primary indirect beneficiaries of our core programming are the youth of Texas. It is their stories we tell to address barriers to accessing contraception; their education which will be impacted by our efforts to support implementation of improved sexual health education standards; their feedback we incorporate into our collaborative efforts; and their health and education services which we aim to improve by providing professional development for youth-serving adults at our training opportunities.

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