Young Ambassador Program

We envision a future where all young Texans have access to accurate, inclusive and judgement free sexual and reproductive healthcare and we understand that the way we do that is to allow young people to lead and teach us how it should be done.


The Texas Campaign Young Ambassador Program aims to connect young advocates with the platforms, people and tools they need to strengthen their capacity, increase their knowledge and expand their networks so that they can continue to champion increased access to sexual and reproductive health care and sexual education for everyone in Texas. 

Program Description

Through implementing their own project our Young Ambassadors will gain experience in research and identifying their desired impact, designing programs and preparing proposals, collaborating with community partners and getting buy-in from stakeholders. 

Program goals: 

  • Engage and provide development opportunities for young advocates in sexual and reproductive health; 
  • Include youth voices and perspectives in the development of Texas Campaign programs, events, and advocacy; 
  • Promote mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration between youth from different backgrounds; and 
  • Raise awareness on the importance of sexual education and access to reproductive health services for young people. 


2021 Young Ambassador Program Cohort #1

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