Federal Policy

The Texas Campaign monitors federal policy related to adolescent reproductive health, including programs that provide access to health care and access to information. 

Access to Health Care

Federal funding streams such as Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and Title X are critical in providing access to health care for low-income youth. 

Title X (pronounced “Title Ten”) is a federal funding stream that has provided access to reproductive healthcare since the 1970s. Teens can access confidential family planning services at Title X clinics. To learn more about the Title X program, visit EveryBody Texas.  

Both the Medicaid and CHIP programs are jointly funded by the federal and state governments and provide full health coverage to low-income youth. Although official federal policy funding does allow for CHIP to cover birth control, Texas chooses not to. To learn more about contraceptive access in CHIP, download our research report.

For updates on federal policy that impact teen pregnancy prevention and adolescent reproductive health, visit Power to Decide.

CHIP Research Report

Access to Information

Several federal funding streams support access to sex education. These include programs such as the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP).  

To learn more about federal funding streams that support teen pregnancy prevention, download this document from Power to Decide.

Federal Funding Streams at a Glance

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