Texas Legislature

The Texas Campaign advocates for policies that help Texas youth access the information and healthcare they need to prevent unintended pregnancy and support reproductive health.

In the 87th Legislative Session, policy priorities of the Texas Campaign included the following:

Access to contraception for teens on CHIP (HB 835)

Texas is one of just two states in the nation that does not cover birth control for teens on the children’s health insurance program, leaving thousands of teens at risk of unintended pregnancy. Among teens enrolled in CHIP in Fiscal Year 2018, nearly 1,600 had experienced a documented pregnancy by the next year. To learn more, visit www.txcampaign.org/CHIP

Consent to contraception for teen parents (HB 296/SB 536)

In Texas, teen parents under the age of 18 can make all medical decisions for their children, but under state law they aren’t allowed to consent to their own birth control. Texas consistently has one of the highest rates of repeat teen pregnancy in the nation.

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