Who Represents Me?

Reaching out directly to your elected officials can be a powerful way to advocate for change!

You don’t need to work in a government position to enact change in the policies that affect your life. Every American is represented by many elected officials at the national, state, and local levels. Follow the link below to find out who represents you in Congress and in the Texas Legislature.

Ballotpedia: Who Represents Me?

For more information on your local elected officials, go to the website of your city, county, or school district.

Your elected officials may include the following: 

  • National level: President, US Senators, Congressional Representative
  • State Level: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Senator, State Representative, State Board of Education
  • County Level: County Judge, County Commissioner
  • City Level (if living in incorporated area): Mayor, councilmember(s)
  • School district level: School board trustees

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