Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Alberto Trevino. I am the Afterschool Program Director for Santa Rosa ISD. I manage an afterschool grant and oversee a teen pregnancy prevention grant we have through Texas A&M . I am a Masters level licensed Social Worker. I use a social worker model to help students. I have been in this role for 15 years, 12 of those years in this district.

What does the teen pregnancy prevention grant entail?

We provide evidence based programming or curriculum for middle school and high school students focusing on preventing teen pregnancy and STIs. We are an abstinence plus district. We teach using two teen curriculums– Making Proud Choices and ¡Cuídate!. This is our fifth year working with the grant. We have absolutely seen successes through this program. Five years ago, we started this program because we had a high percentage of pregnant or parenting teens in our district.  

Is there an experience that sticks out to you since starting this programming?

There was one young girl who was in a relationship with an older high school student. She seemed to be going down a detrimental path, but because we started working with her we saw a huge turn around on where she was focusing her attention. She started taking precautions and being goal oriented. 

Any program we implement in the school district is to help students reach their goals. Teens want to know the truth. They also crave a support system. The second component of our program is that we have social workers available to work with our students.

What do you think is the most important thing for teens to learn around sex education?

As a social worker, I would say the most important thing for teens to learn is self worth. I never wanted to have a program that just taught kids how to put on a condom. I want a program that builds confidence, helps students set goals, and then make decisions based on those goals. Then our students can make informed decisions about their future. 

What is your advice to other school districts that may be considering implementing teen pregnancy prevention or abstinence plus curricula? 

I like the quote, “if you don’t have one, get one” when referring to abstinence plus sex education  programs. It will pay large dividends for your students and your school.