Alyzah Virani

Texas is Ready Intern

Alyzah is a senior at Texas Woman’s University and is pursuing her Bachelor’s in Public Health with a minor in Business Administration. Through her experiences as a senior Pharmacy Technician, developing health workshops as a peer mentor on campus, and volunteering with her service sorority, her desire to be a part of the solution, and not the problem was ignited. Her passions include eliminating healthcare barriers among minority communities and encouraging progressive changes to reflect equitable healthcare. More specifically, some of her goals include reforming health insurance policies, advocating for lower insulin costs, and furthering the education of reproductive health among historically marginalized communities. Having previously interned at two non-profit organizations and contributing her unique set of skills and personal experiences as a Pakistani-American woman, she hopes to accomplish her missions by being a life-long learner and leader. When she is not striking through items on her endless amount of Post-It notes, she enjoys reading at new coffee shops on the weekends, watching sunsets at the lake, and diversifying her music palette.

Our Impact

We analyze and disseminate data on teen pregnancy and teen birth. including prevention strategies proven effective globally, nationally and here in the Lone Star State.

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A baby was born to a teen mom once every 21 minutes in Texas 2.5% of in 2018.
2.5% of Texas teens had a baby in 2018
In the last decade the Texas teen birth rate has declined by 56%

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