Julia Kranzthor, MBA

Development Director

Julia enjoys connecting resources to get things done; this fresh approach to fundraising incorporates hard data with personal relationships. A self-proclaimed nerd, Julia often seeks the technological solution and geeks out big time over databases and organizational metrics. Julia formerly worked for the Workers Defense Project, building power for working families across Texas. After graduating from San Diego State University, she received an MBA from St. Edward’s University. As a graduate of the TX AFL-CIO Ruth Ellinger School for Labor Leaders and a former board member of the Young Active Labor Leaders, Julia spends her free time organizing from within the labor movement to address the challenges that face young workers. Originally from the Bay Area in California, Julia is a huge sports fan and can be found watching the Sharks most nights during the hockey season.

Our Impact

We analyze and disseminate data on teen pregnancy and teen birth. including prevention strategies proven effective globally, nationally and here in the Lone Star State.

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A baby was born to a teen mom once every 21 minutes in Texas 2.5% of in 2018.
2.5% of Texas teens had a baby in 2018
In the last decade the Texas teen birth rate has declined by 56%

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