To understand healthy masculinity, look to Africa

#MeToo has been a much-needed wake-up call about male violence against women, building on the work of thousands of women’s

Read More September 20, 2021

How Does Gender Impact Teen Pregnancy?

I was nine years-old when I started my First Communion course in the Catholic Church. One week into the course,

Read More September 17, 2021

Sexually Explicit Media and Young People’s Sexual Health Outcomes: Kirby Summit 2021 Findings

Conversations about sexually explicit media are all over the news. Sexually explicit media (SEM), which includes pornography, is media (videos, images, writing, etc.) created with the intent

Read More September 16, 2021

Knowledge: The Best Kept Secret for Successful Chestfeeding

Ask me about chestfeeding and I will tell you that it is just as natural as any other bodily function.

Read More August 16, 2021

Ensuring Access to an Askable Adult

I never thought of my pediatrician as the “askable adult” in my life.  Actually, I’m not even sure I can

Read More August 3, 2021

Understanding Adolescent Mental Health Barriers & Solutions

When we think of our teenage years, many times we think of being young and with little responsibility. Our biggest

Read More July 15, 2021
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