Connectivity During Coronavirus: A Fundraiser’s Dilemma

When I sat down to reimagine our 2020 annual fundraiser, I knew I needed to get creative. Virtual events are

Read More October 9, 2020

Your guide for all things voting in Texas this November

Election day is fast approaching, and with this year presenting some unique challenges, we wanted to provide you with a

Read More September 30, 2020

The top 5 moments from the September SBOE hearing

The September meeting of the State Board of Education was a major moment in Texas history. As a result of

Read More September 24, 2020

Sex ed victories for Texas, but lots of work left – reviewing the September SBOE meeting

Looking back on the State Board of Education meeting from the 8th to the 11th, the first thing our coalition

Read More September 15, 2020

Why is LGBTQ+ representation in sex ed essential?

The LGBTQ+, or the lesbian, gay, transgender, queer community, have experienced huge leaps forward in media, society, and culture. TV

Read More September 10, 2020

Why should sex education teach about consent?

Author: Jen Biundo, Director of Data and Policy, Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy It’s a classic scene: on the

Read More August 26, 2020
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