2022 Webinar Series: May 18 (Topic: Consent & Confidentiality)

Consent & Confidentiality
Date: May 18, 2022
Time: 10-11 am CST
-Jen Biundo, MPaff, Director of Policy & Data, Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Texas and federal laws around the ability of a legal minor to consent to healthcare are complex and vary based on funding stream, services sought, and other factors. This presentation will provide an overview of state and federal statutes around a minor consent to health care, with a focus on reproductive and mental health care. The session will also describe clinical best practices around confidentiality while also supporting parent participation. Presenters will cover more complex situations around legal consent to care, including medical consenters for youth in the foster care system. The presentation will describe both the law and clinical practices around reporting requirements which may have the result of breaching confidentiality even in situations where the minor is legally able to consent to healthcare.

Learning Objectives

-- Recall state and federal laws around legal consent to healthcare for minors in Texas.

-- Describe reporting requirements that may require confidentiality to be breached.





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