Webinar: Cultural Awareness, Humility, Responsiveness, and Safety

Cultural Awareness, Humility, Responsiveness, and Safety: The Expansiveness of Providing Trauma-Informed Culturally Affirming Services

Date: Sept. 7, 2022
Time: 10-11:15 am CST

Too often when we talk about culture and discuss strategies for implementing culturally affirming care, or cultivating cultural awareness, humility, and responsiveness, trauma is left out of the conversation. This means we are often missing a large piece of the puzzle and may even run the risk of inadvertently pathologizing an entire community and culture.  

This workshop will explore using a trauma-informed lens to help us deepen our understanding of culture and “cultural” differences as it applies to adolescent sexual and reproductive health. We will explore healing-informed strategies that help engage the communities and people we work with in identifying and using their cultural strengths and resilience to enhance well-being. We will also discuss moving through cultural awareness towards cultural safety. 


  • Examine the intersectionality of trauma and culture and how it influences conversations around sexual health.
  • Conceptualize how to apply a trauma-informed lens to work with youth and families more effectively, especially those who hold a marginalized identity
  • Define cultural awareness, humility, safety, and responsiveness 
  • Explore how to cultivate a mindset that embraces cultural humility rather than cultural competence when addressing adolescent sexual and reproductive health.
  • Discuss strategies for identifying and using cultural strengths and resilience to engage youth and families around reproductive health and create learning experiences and environments that value and empower them.

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