Webinar: Addressing Charged Topics with Youth

Addressing Charged Topics with Youth

Date: Sept. 21, 2022
Time: 10-11:15 am CST

Too often conversations around topics touching on constructs such as race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, intersectionality, and systems of privilege and oppression, become tense, charged, explosive, and unproductive. This happens because the dynamics of privilege and oppression being discussed are replicated implicitly and explicitly on a daily basis and even if well-intended can lead to re-traumatization.

To engage in difficult conversations, we need to be aware of our own stress responses and what others bring into the environment to ensure we are doing what we can to do no harm.

This training will explore cultural implications and barriers to having difficult conversations and discuss strategies to address discomfort through self and co-regulation so that connection and healing can be possible. We will explore how to create trauma-informed environments, which take into consideration not just personal stress responses, but also collective, historical, and intergenerational trauma responses. Additionally, we will discuss best practices to address charged topics with youth, shared language, and introduce potential movement and body-based co-regulation strategies.

Stress responses and dysregulation are contagious, but so are the ability to heal and regulate together.


  • Define trauma, both on an individual and collective level
  • Develop an understanding of trauma/stress responses, polyvagal theory, and the importance of disconnection/connection 
  • Increase self-awareness around mind/body connection, charged topics, and self-regulation as it applies to adolescent sexual and reproductive health
  • Learn strategies that invite connection, regulation, and safe environments
  • Gain comfort facilitating conversations through shared language, curiosity, and Somatic Experiencing and Trust-based Relational Intervention techniques

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