Key Conversations

Join us for a free interactive, webinar that will support parents in talking with their kids about healthy relationships and sexual health. 

The purpose of Key Conversations is to empower parents and other caregivers to help the young people in their lives make healthy decisions about relationships and sexual health. With support from adults, young people are more likely to remain healthy and reach their full potential.

Key Conversations is designed to help improve parent-child communication about topics such as healthy relationships and sexual health, increase parental monitoring, and increase parent action to ensure access to adolescent-friendly health care. These are actions that parents can take to help their children reduce their risks of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Key Conversations is an interactive parent session in which parents and other trusted adults gain a better understanding of adolescent development, the importance of supervision, tips for improved communication, overcoming barriers to talking, and how to build stronger relationships with their children. You'll learn tools to starting the conversation about sexual health, at age appropriate levels, with confidence in a safe space with other parents who share the same concerns.


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