Texas is Ready

The Texas Is Ready Coalition is composed of three organizations with a shared vision that every Texas youth deserves the information they need for a lifetime of healthy relationships and positive sexual health outcomes.

Healthy Futures of Texas, The North Texas Alliance to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy in Teens, and the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy have collaborated since 2019 to support improvements to the minimum standards guiding the delivery of sexual health education for Texas’ 5.4 million K-12 students. We continue to work together to ensure that the updated standards are implemented effectively and that school districts and communities have the resources needed to deliver medically accurate, developmentally appropriate instruction to students.

For our work on the Health Education TEKS, the Texas is Ready coalition partners have received the following honors:

  • Excellence in Adolescent Health Award, Adolescent Health Initiative, 2021
  • Texas Partner for Change Award, Texas Council on Family Violence, 2021


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FAQ: Sex Education in Texas

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