College Completion

Myths, misinformation, and magical thinking about sex and birth control are surprisingly common among young adults, including college students. Unplanned pregnancies increase the risk of dropping out of college.

Eighteen and nineteen-year-old youth account for the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Texas.

Many of these pregnancies are unintended and happen at a critical time in a youth’s life – when finishing high school or beginning college. Living on their own for the first time, young adults must make many important decisions that can impact their future. If these youth are graduating from high school with little education about healthy and safe sexual relations and how to prevent unintended pregnancy, they are at great risk. While parenting a child is a rewarding life experience, being young and unprepared for parenting can be economically and emotionally challenging as they begin their college years.

61% of female community college students who become pregnant during this time will not complete their college education.

This section has free resources to help those who work with students prevent unplanned pregnancy as a way to complete college, as well as information about the connection between these two issues, and how the Texas Campaign is working toward a solution.


    • HB 3195 by Rep. Carol Alvarado/SB 2109 by Sen. Jose Menendez: Relating to a requirement that each public institution of higher education develop and implement a strategic plan for the prevention of sexual assault and unplanned pregnancy.
    • Visit our Bill Tracking page here.
    • Find Texas Legislature members focused on college completion efforts: House Higher Education Committee or Senate Higher Education Committee.
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