In March 2020, the Texas Campaign contracted with Baselice and Associates to conduct public opinion polling of views towards sex education among registered Texas voters.

Results showed strong support for abstinence-plus sex education across all political affiliations, ages, ethnicities, genders and regions. 

  • 75% of respondents, including 68% of Republicans, support abstinence-plus sex education, which teaches students that abstinence is the safest choice but also provides medically accurate information about topics such as contraception, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, and healthy relationships. 
  • 79% of respondents, including 72% of Republicans, support sex education in public schools that “teaches students about condoms and contraception, along with abstinence.”
  • 88% of respondents, including 86% of Republicans, agreed it is critical to teach students about consent, including respecting boundaries set by other people about their bodies.
  • 75% of Texans, including 65% of Republicans, agree that “to help prevent bullying of LGBTQ youth, Texas public schools should include standards around cultivating respect for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or identity.” 

You can view poll results and methodology here.

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