Texas Youth-Friendly Initiative Clinic Spotlight

The Texas Campaign is leading the Texas Youth-Friendly Initiative (TYFI), a grant-funded project delivered in collaboration with community and national partners.  The Adolescent Champion Model is an 18-month multifaceted intervention that addresses a health center’s environment, policies, and practices to ensure that all aspects of a visit to the health center are youth-centered. TYFI Project Director, J.R. Chester, interviewed Dr. Danielle Glade from Dell Children’s Adolescent Medicine Clinic, one of the five clinics in TYFI Cohort 4. Dr. Glade shared insight into their hardworking clinic. 

Tell us about your organization/program and the amazing youth you serve.

Dell Children’s Adolescent Medicine Clinic provides specialty and primary care to youth ages 11-26. Within the greater organization of Ascension Texas, our mission is to serve all populations, respecting the diversity of the human experience with special attention to the poor and vulnerable. We strive to empower youth and promote sustained health and wellness through education, support and community building.

Our patients are creative, resilient and passionate people who advocate for themselves and each other while learning about their health and how to best navigate the healthcare system.

What do you love most about providing medical care for young people? 

Their creativity, independence and resilience is infectious. I am continuously learning from them, and I can count on them to make me laugh every day.

Why did you choose to join the Texas Youth-Friendly Initiative (TYFI)?

We were excited to join TYFI in order to learn how to best serve our patients. We strive to be a place where our patients feel welcome, comfortable and empowered, and TYFI seemed like a great opportunity to help us meet those goals. 

What has been your favorite part of the TYFI so far? 

My favorite part of TYFI so far has been working with my amazing co-workers to figure out where we are and where we want to be. Really taking the time to flush out different ideas, identify obstacles and work towards a common goal has been incredibly motivating. TYFI has provided the impetus, framework and resources to do this.

How do you foresee the young people whom you serve benefiting from your  participation in the TYFI?

Everything about what we’re learning with TYFI will serve our patients. From them feeling comfortable and welcome in the clinic to having systems that accommodate their needs, as well as our learning how to interact with them in a way that is kind, respectful and appropriate to their stage in life.


To learn more about TYFI, visit the TYFI web page, and/or contact J.R. Chester, Project Director, at jr@txcampaign.org.