In 2008, Dr. David Wiley – a professor at Texas State University – co-authored a report entitled, Just Say Don’t kNOw: Sexuality Education in Texas Public Schools. Among the disturbing findings in this report was that more than 96% of Texas students “attend school in a district where they will not encounter even the most basic information about how to protect themselves from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.”

Troubled, Dr. Wiley hosted a meeting for people working in the teen pregnancy prevention field. Attracting 35 participants, the meeting confirmed considerable interest in creating a statewide entity to provide a platform for reducing teen pregnancy in Texas.

In 2009, The Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy was created, and the board of directors decided to take a unique approach to teen pregnancy prevention. They decided to reframe teen pregnancy as an adult issue and help adults take responsibility to equipping teens to make healthy relationships decisions.

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