Regional Summits

The Texas Campaign’s regional summits target highly focused professionals from certain regions in Texas including social workers, clinicians, researchers, practitioners, educators, youth service professionals, and other key program staff. The goal of these events is to inform and educate participants about adolescent development and best practices for improving the quality of care to youth, while also encouraging them to lead improvements within their local communities.

Specifically, our Regional Summits provide strategies that impact young people’s health, futures, and communities by:

  • Providing the latest information and research on adolescent development;
  • Exploring effective practice strategies for positive youth development and examining the essential ingredients needed to assure positive youth outcomes; and
  • Highlighting innovative programming and discussing key components for success.

The Texas Campaign team is currently putting together a plan for which regions we’ll serve from Fall 2020 through Summer 2021. More details will be announced soon. If you are interested in bringing a Regional Summit to your area, please contact Melanie Chasteen at

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