Looking back on the State Board of Education meeting from the 8th to the 11th, the first thing our coalition at Texas Is Ready must say is thank you.

Thank you to our supporters, especially those who testified, contacted their members, and signed our petition in support of sex education. Your voice was powerful and it truly made a difference.

Thank you to the Texas Education Agency staff, who diligently and effectively ensured the meeting’s success even through the complications of the pandemic.

And thank you to the members who worked to ensure the Health TEKS promote optimal health for Texas teens.

So, what happened at the SBOE meeting last week? Here’s a quick rundown for those of y’all not watching the livestream.

The bad news:

What’s the lesson in the losses?

Well, remember: the TEKS are a floor, not a ceiling. School districts will be able to include consent, LGBTQ+ students and family diversity in their curriculum if they choose, but unfortunately it will not be available to all Texas youth.

The good news:

What’s the lesson in the wins?

Middle school youth in Texas will be getting sex ed. Across the board. For the first time in Texas history. All Texas youth will learn about contraception and STI prevention, menstruation, postpartum depression, and the HPV vaccine. Because only about a quarter of Texas teens take health class in high school, which is an elective in the state, having these standards in middle school is a major win.

What’s next?

And stay tuned to texasisready.org for more updates.