HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) -Almost one percent of teens ages 15 through 17 have children every year and almost five percent of teens ranging from ages 18 or 19 get pregnant in Texas, according to Jen Biundo, director of policy and data at The Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

Although those statistics have dropped over past years, Biundo said that sex education needs more support because not all kids in Texas receive it in school.

When it comes to having conversations about sex, Biundo said most teens ask their friends or look up on the internet for answers.

“They might not get all the information they need. So, we do really look to parents to fill in some of those gaps,” she said.

Although parents play a huge role, Biundo said she does not expect parents to know all the answers.

She explained that it is important for parents to guide their kids to the resources they need like visiting a doctor or searching for answers together.

When families talk about sex education, Biundo encourages parents not to pile on the information all at once, but instead have frequent conversations about different topics.

“Some of the conversations that I have with my kids about sex, about their bodies or puberty, these conversations might last about thirty to forty-five seconds,” she said.

Biundo said there are many resources that can help parents or teens. She encourages the public to reach out to local health organizations like The Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy for help.