Welcome our new Young Ambassador, Brianna Marie Reyes!

She currently attends The University of Texas at El Paso, and is pursuing a bachelor’s in Social Works and a minor in Psychology. Once she graduates, she hopes to fulfill her dream of going to graduate school in Minnesota to pursue my master’s in Social Works. She chose this career pathway due to the principle her family has raised her to help others in need. She believes that many of us forget how blessed we are and fail to remember that other individuals are not as fortunate. Due to this, she believes making a career to help individuals in need is something that will help her feel fulfilled with knowing she is helping one individual at a time. Besides school, in her free time, she either work goes to the gym, or volunteers at a local food bank. She likes to take time out of her bizarre life to focus on her own needs or on helping others on their own. Whenever she has other free time, she loves to spend it with her family or friends! Some hobbies she enjoys are reading, watching Netflix, taking her dogs on walks, or painting, and doing crafts. She is almost open to doing anything that brings excitement to her life because we are not here forever!

Learn more about the Young Ambassador Program here: https://txcampaign.org/about-2/young-ambassadors/