Texas Youth-Friendly Initiative Clinic Spotlight 


The Texas Campaign is leading the Texas Youth-Friendly Initiative (TYFI), a grant-funded project delivered in collaboration with community and national partners.  The Adolescent Champion Model is an 18-month multifaceted intervention that addresses a health center’s environment, policies, and practices to ensure that all aspects of a visit to the health center are youth-centered. TYFI Project Director, J.R. Chester, interviewed Rebecca Monk Beyda, MD, MS, from UT Physicians Multispecialty – The Heights, one of the five clinics in TYFI Cohort 4. Rebecca shared insight into their hardworking clinic.  


Tell us about your organization/program and the amazing youth you serve.

UT Physicians Heights clinic is a multidisciplinary community clinic located in the Houston Heights area.  Over the past five years, we have grown as a clinic and expanded to care for more teens and young adults.  We provide a medical home for children, teens, and adults with pediatrics, OB-GYN, and family medicine all under one roof.  We are fortunate to have child and adolescent psychiatry and counseling to provide much needed integrated behavioral health.  Our teens come from the area as well from North Houston.  We are excited to help them have more of a voice in their care at the Heights clinic.


What do you love most about providing medical care for young people? 

I love serving teens and supporting their growing independence.  Young people are the experts in their own lives.  I love to empower them and help them make healthy decisions.  From choices regarding their sexual and reproductive health to medication adherence, partnering with them to improve their health brings me the most joy.


Why did you choose to join the Texas Youth-Friendly Initiative (TYFI)? 

UT Physicians participated in Cohort 2 of the TYFI and saw great improvements in another location.  We are excited to bring the TYFI to this new community location. We aim to improve the care of our teens and young adults across all specialties at the Heights clinic.


What has been your favorite part of the TYFI so far? 

Co-leading the SPARKS trainings has been my favorite part.  We have had good participation and interaction even virtually during our SPARK meetings.   


How do you foresee the young people whom you serve benefiting from your participation in the TYFI?

We hope to form a youth advisory group soon and improve our clinic further.  We hope the young people feel more welcome, comfortable and seen by our participation in the TYFI.  Ultimately, we aim to improve the health and well-being of young people in our surrounding community.