Brave Conversations – Utilizing trauma-informed approaches to talk to youth about sex – Tuesday, April 28, 1-2 pm


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Our general approach to adolescent sexual health alienates and shames youth who have experienced sexual violence. By focusing solely on risk and prevention, sex education programs and youth-serving professionals generally fail to engage youth in necessary conversations about their power, choice, and consent. This workshop will provide guidance to youth-serving professionals so they can have brave conversations with youth. We will discuss the need for trauma-informed sex education and discuss how to incorporate trauma-informed practices in daily work.

Upon completion of this event, participants should be able to:
– Articulate the importance of using a trauma-informed framework for sexual health conversations
– Identify strategies to engage in discussions with youth who have experienced trauma

**Continuing education credit/contact hours (1.0 total hours) will be offered for the following: Social Work, Licensed Professional Counselors, Certified in Public Health, Certified Health Education Specialists, Continuing Professional Education.

Previous Webinars

State Board of Education Update: Rewriting Sex Education Curriculum Standards

Click here to access the slide deck.

Click here to access the video.


**Continuing education credit/contact hours for this event are provided by The Texas Department of State Health Services, Continuing Education Service. Click here to view complete list of CE credits. Special thanks to webinar co-sponsor DSHS/HHSC.**

It’s been 22 years since the State Board of Education (SBOE) last revised the minimum curriculum standards for sex education in Texas. Join the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy for this webinar, where we will provide the latest information on the SBOE’s work around the health curriculum standard revisions, and provide tips on how you can advocate for positive changes to sex education standards in Texas. The session is geared towards youth-serving professionals, educators, clinicians, parents, and community members, and will cover:

  • Technical background: We’ll give you all the information you need to understand how the SBOE revision process works and why it’s so important.
  • Need-to-know laws: If you’re a federal grantee or part of a non-profit organization, you’ll learn what type of advocacy and lobbying work you can safely engage in.
  • How to be involved: Learn ways to build your message, tell your story, activate your community, and educate your elected officials on why high-quality health education is so critical for Texas youth.

Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health for Youth in Foster Care

Click here to access the slide deck. Click here to access the video. The support that youth in foster care receive around healthy sexual development can vary greatly depending on their state of residence, district, school and environments of care. Experts from the National Center for Youth Law will share their lessons learned and successes in improving the quality of sexual and reproductive health promotion for youth in foster care in California. Participants will hear about the strategies used in California and receive practical guidance on how these evidence-based approaches can translate to implementation across fields and states. Topics will include policy and practice that address education and services, value systems, and trauma-informed and strengths-based approaches to healthy sexual development. This webinar is geared toward professionals who work directly with or in the systems that support foster youth in California, Texas and nationwide. One hour of continuing education will be offered for Texas-based attendees for social work (SW), licensed professional counselor (LPC), and continuing professional education (CPE).   Want to learn more about ways that you can make a difference for Texas teens? The Texas Campaign offers frequent webinars around a variety of topics related to teen birth, adolescent health, advocacy, research, and other issues. To keep up to date on our webinar offerings, join our mailing list join our mailing list.

Sexuality Education in Texas Schools – Change is Possible!

The quality and content of comprehensive sexuality education can vary greatly depending on the state, district, school and even teacher. During this webinar, we’ll explore how three Texas communities – Austin, Odessa, and San Antonio – worked to challenge the status quo and implement evidence-informed sexuality education programs in their respective districts. Topics covered will include grassroots advocacy, working with SHACs, and dealing with the vocal opposition in an effective manner. Whether you are a youth-serving professional providing direct services to adolescents or a parent trying to effect positive change in your community, you will walk away with a practical guide for making your voice heard on this important issue. One hour of continuing education will be offered for social work (SW), licensed professional counselor (LPC), and continuing professional education (CPE).

Learning Objectives:

  • List sex education policy required by Texas state statue
  • Describe why evidence-informed sexuality education programs are important to Texas teens
  • Describe ways to improve sex education curriculum offered in your own community To download a pdf of the slides used in the webinar, click here

Clinic Efficiency: The Tools of the Trade

In collaboration with experts from the Women’s Health and Family Association of Texas (WHFPT), this webinar is is geared toward health center administrators and front line staff (health educators, front desk, medical assistants, clinicians, etc.). The webinar covers:
  • Team dynamics and staff-buy in
  • How your clinic environment determines the client experience
  • How evidence-based practices can make your clinic run smoother; working smarter
  • How to make incremental changes to discover what works in different settings
  • Resources to help your staff get started

To download a pdf of the slides used in the webinar, click here

Meeting Parents Where They Are

Parents are the best people in a young person’s life to provide sexual and reproductive health information; however, parent recruitment and engagement isn’t always easy. Together, Veronica Whitehead, Director of Programs at NTARUPT, and Jessica Chester, Communication Coordinator at Parkland Hospital System share approaches to and lessons learned in parent recruitment and engagement. The webinar is geared towards social workers, counselors, health educators, and other youth-serving professionals. (Tuesday, August 6, 2019) To download a pdf of the slides used in the webinar, click here

Policy Wrap-Up of the 86th Legislative Session

In a legislative session largely focused on school finance and property tax, advocates working on issues such as adolescent health and reproductive health saw some victories and some disappointments. In this webinar, policy analysts from the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, the Texas Women’s Healthcare Coalition, and Texans Care for Children discuss the 86th Legislative Session and what it meant for Texas teens. (Wednesday, June 19, 2019) To download a pdf of the slides used in the webinar, click here

Webinar: Teens and Birth Control

This webinar features Dr. Salina  Mostajabian, Adolescent Health Physician at People’s Community Clinic and Therin Geeslin, Health Education Supervisor at People’s Community Clinic. The webinar outlined reproductive services available to adolescents, including evidence-based family planning methods and standards of care. It covered common misconceptions associated with birth control, outlined state and federal funding streams for contraception, and explored barriers to accessing reproductive care for young women. (May 29, 2019) To download a pdf of the slides used in the webinar, click here.

Webinar: Sexuality Education and People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

On March 28, 2019, the Texas Campaign hosted a webinar featuring Dr. Nick Winges-Yanez and Dr. Karen Rayne who shared their expertise around IDD and sexuality.  To download a pdf of the slides used in the webinar, click here.

Policy Webinar

On January 10, 2019, the Texas Campaign hosted a webinar outlining our work for the upcoming legislative session. Policy priorities will center on fiscally sound ways to ensure that young people in Texas have access to the information and health care needed to prevent unintended pregnancy.

Texas Campaign Policy Webinar Jan 2018To download a PDF of the slides used in the webinar, click here.

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